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Become the indispensable
financial partner for your members.

Deepen relationships.

Increase your bottom line.

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Link was born as the result of a glaring need.

Credit unions want to better the financial wellness of their members. It is in their DNA. In order to truly do so, a credit union needs to understand a member's full financial picture. To date, this has been elusive.

Members are looking for an easy way to digest their full financial picture and for a way to help accelerate progress toward their goals.

Link satisfies the needs of both.




This is one of those amazing situations where everyone wins. Your members get a tool to help them stay financially fit. You get to understand their full financial picture and offer them expanded solutions and services that will help them on that journey.

Value to Members

Assistance From a Trusted Source

Credit unions are viewed as
trusted organizations by members
and a solution that is promoted by
them would be viewed favorably
when linking external account

Consolidated View of Finances

Members will be able to view
their entire financial picture in
one place which will provide them
with a crystal-clear picture of their
spending habits, recurring
subscriptions, debts, and

Free Insights

Easy to digest hyper-personalized
insights offered for free will draw
member interest.

Value to Credit Unions

Truly Understand Your Members

Understand the full breadth of your members’ financial relationships with other institutions including product terms and pricing details, spending data, income, and cash/ investment balances.

Increase Depth of Relationship
with Members

Leverage the data collected to offer products and services that are hyper-personalized to the member and will quantitatively help them them toward their financial goals

Deepen Trust

Be the institution that helps them in a meaningful way on their financial journey

Change Customer Perception

Provide the type of market leading fintech solution that members may not typically associate with credit unions


Deepen relationships.

Increase your bottom line.

Link is a co-branded solution that has been designed to provide customized financial wellness insight to members while increasing the opportunity for a credit union to deepen their relationship.

The App

The Financial Wellness Solution Your Members Have Been Waiting For


Create Targets

We provide the tool and tracking mechanism for members to execute their financial plans. Here they state what their specific monthly Investments & Savings, Debt Repayment, and Spending goals are.


Link Accounts

We leverage market leading open-banking technology that allows members to pull in all of their financial information from their different financial services relationships. This is critical in order to provide a comprehensive picture.



Monitor Progress & Activity

The primary landing page is an easy to digest dashboard that illustrates their progress against their goals. There are multiple different screens that visualize the data in different ways, including trending, in order to provide the member with the insights they need to better understand their behaviors and progress.



Accelerate Progress

The application will analyze all of the member's linked product details and spending habits. To the extent that the member could quantitatively benefit from a product the credit union offers it will highlight the product and specify the benefit in an easy to understand hyper-personalized way.

It will also offer behavioral suggestions and insights that may help them make better financial decisions.

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