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WyHy Federal Credit Union Partnership

May 30, 2024

WyHy Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Cheyenne, will implement Link in order to provide members with another tool to help them on their financial journey. Their “We’re with you” tagline is more than just three simple words – it encompasses the principles WyHy lives by to serve their members and the community. Every day WyHy shows their members how they're with them by helping them budget better so they can save more, get out of debt quicker and afford their goals.

Matt Ballou, Chief Retail Officer at WyHy, had this to say regarding their decision to partner with Link:

"The decision to go with LINK was simple once I looked at the data on how many accounts the typical member has spread across multiple financial institutions. To have a single app that combines all the external accounts into one easy to use spot was just too good to pass up. Beyond LINK’s perks of a customizable budget, savings goals, and recurring payment monitoring, the thing that really sold me was the ability for WyHy to proactively identify where we can provide opportunity to our members. LINK isn’t one of those companies that sells personal information to the highest bidder, instead they are a partner that allows our Credit Union to do what we do best, and that is to help our members find financial success."

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